Our Roving Reporters

Our Roving Reporters visit Morocco

Running up to Global Food Week 2015, Fairfood launched its Roving Reporters competition on September 10. At stake was a spot in our Roving Reporters team, that will be visiting tomato workers and their families in Morocco from 6 to 9 October 2015. The team will share their impressions of this visit in blogs, photos and videos of this visit during Global Food Week.

There are a bazillion food products in the world, ranging from fruits, nuts, grains, vegetables, meat and seafood to an endless selection of processed foods. All these foods have been sowed, harvested, caught, killed, produced, processed, packaged, prepared, transported, traded, valued and sold by people. If you trace your food back to its origins, it often comes from countries far from home.

Have you ever asked yourself where your food comes from? Have you ever stopped to consider the distance your food has to travel before it ends up on your plate?

We received an amazing amount of entries: video’s, presentations, photo’s, blogs on the theme of the competition: ‘What does The World is on Your Plate mean to you’.

Daisy Scholte won the competition and will join us and food blogger Chickslovefood.com on the trip!