About Global Food Week

With the launch of Global Food Week 2015 Fairfood creates awareness for the issues in our global food chain. We need to make changes to create a system that is fair and inclusive for the farmers that grow our food. The good news is: the solutions are often simple. And we can all play a significant role in making those changes happen.

What is at stake?

Our global food supply chain leads to inequality. Our food is grown by farmers and workers whose human rights are violated. These workers often make 14-hours working days in hazardous conditions for which they receive an income that is far below what is needed to provide proper food, housing, healthcare, day care and education for their families and children.

How can we change this?

We need to push profits down the value chain and create an inclusive global economy. The good thing is: the solutions are often simple. We can improve the lives of the food workers and their families by providing access to water at work for example, or by having day care facilities available for the youngest children. We should raise the workers’ wages to a fair level that enables them to take proper care of their families. We don’t have to give up on the rich variety of product in our fridge at a reasonable price, we just want it to be produced by workers who are knowledgeable on their rights and have the freedom of association to improve their labour conditions.

Who should be involved?

We all have an important role to play in making those changes happen. Governments should enforce international agreements on labour rights and working conditions; international food companies should end the imbalance of power and invest part of their profits in improving the lives of those who grow and harvest the products they sell; local businesses (restaurants, local supermarkets) can decide to only work with products that result from a fair system; consumers can raise their voice in support of the farmers and make fair choices in the food they buy.

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